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The Multimedia Mix is a tech industry consultancy led by Principal Consultant Wayne Smith

WAYNE is a respected and highly-sought product management executive with 40+ years of success driving technology product strategy from concept through market launch. He has established himself as a leader within the specific niche of product management operations, having gained exceptional knowledge in the specific "how to" processes that allow product managers to perform at the highest level. He gained this expertise by leading critical product development for leading technology brands including Hootsuite, Microsoft, Sitecore, and more. These cutting-edge companies benefitted from his talents in seeing new products through completion and securing a strong market presence to ensure lasting success.

Before starting his own consultancy, in his most recent role as Senior Director Product Management for Hootsuite, Wayne was entrusted to lead a team of seven high-performing product managers who were responsible for social network connectivity and identity management. He effectively implemented new tools and systems to assist in their job duties and achieve greater process efficiencies. While serving as Group Product Manager for Microsoft Corporation, Wayne built a new suite of cutting-edge design tools, deployed product management strategies focused on increasing customer satisfaction, played a key role in the global release four Microsoft Expression versions, and was instrumental in transitioning customers from end-of-life products.

Wayne also excels in operational leadership, with a talent for recognizing mistakes and implementing effective strategies to correct those mistakes. He is able to visualize the big picture with every project, and has developed a reputation for always delivering projects on-time and on-budget. His diverse experience across UX, design, product management, information technology, and business operations make him an asset company-wide.

A respected and trusted leader, Wayne possesses the interpersonal and communication skills to create organizational harmony and motivate a team of any size. He stays true to his "umbrella and microphone" leadership style, protecting his team when needed but also shouting out their achievements.

Wayne is passionate about accessibility, taking initiative at Hootsuite to incorporate this function into his role to ensure the company's platform was fully-accessible to all users regardless of disability. He negotiated a significant third-party contract to assist with accessibility efforts, cementing this into the company's process and mission.

Wayne's professional history is complemented by TEC and HTEC in Telecommunication and Electronic Engineering from Croydon College in Surrey.

Wayne Smith - Principal Consultant


What we offer

Product Management Ops

With decades of hands on PM experience, we've seen every mistake and made every mistake. We can help transforming the efficiency of your Product Management org, by putting in place good practices and guardrails to take your org from startup speed to corporate predictability.


Whether you're starting a new project or refitting an old one, having the experience to get accessibility right is where we can help. Our experience in working with accessibility experts can help you select the right partner and get the work off to a great start.

OKR Management

Most companies have some form of goal setting framework, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) being one of the more popular ones. But running them correctly can be a challenge. Too many and they cease to be effective, poorly written they can be meaningless. As a certified OKR champion, we can make your OKRs impactful and successful.

Social Media Strategy

The world of social media can be a nightmare and it's usually far more complex than you realize. Our knowledge can help you to navigate the maze and come out the other side with a working strategy to help you use it with impact.

Copywriting & Proofing

Writing good prose is hard. Mainly because no two people agree what good writing is! Just because it's grammatically correct, it doesn't mean it's getting your message across. We have decades of experience writing copy and proofreading copy for both print and online use.

Event Production

We've been involved with lots of events in the music industry and the world of tech, from keynotes to television programmes. We can coach effective public speaking, provide floor management or produce content with both photography, videography and editing skills.


Projects we have worked on

Rick Wakeman's Website

Rick Wakeman

Since 1996 we have built and maintained musician Rick Wakeman's online presence including website and social media.



Currently providing Director of UX contract services

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